Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Thoughts


  I hope you all had happy and warm holidays. I had to work today on New Years Day. It was good and bad. Good because I had plenty of time to think up this post, bad because well it was work! I was thinking today that I don't really like New Years resolutions. The reason why is I don't like feeling as though I have an obligation to change something about me or my life before the next year. It's kinda like I am rebelling against myself. I understand wanting to have resolutions for the New Year. New Year new start and all that. They just don't work for me! So that's why I have decided to have goals for the new year. Now I know what you may be thinking a goal and a resolution are the same thing. I don't feel that they are. To me a goal is more flexible.If you don't complete your goal no biggie you just set a new one. You don't follow through with your resolution then bad things can happen!!! At least that's how it works in my head. Now that I have given you that knowledge, maybe you can understand why I don't like starting off my year by resolving to do things I may not be able to do. My family and I have made some goals. I will share them with you now.
Goal # 1
  We are going to try to get our finances under control. This will be hard considering that I feel you should be able to have some fun with your money. You work all week get a paycheck that all goes to bills that's no fun. So I have a  bad habit of overspending sometimes. Also I have a bad habit of always thinking oh well we will get paid again and justifying a little splurging. We are setting a goal to get a better handle on our debt.

Goal #2
  I feel like losing 2 pounds a week is obtainable goal. That is my personal goal and will also help with goal #1 as we will not be eating out as much.

Well those are the 2 main goals. I have smaller ones such as starting scrapbooks for both my kids, keeping my desk cleaned off, making life less hectic, and keeping a cleaner house. I shall now leave you to your resolutions or goals. I hope you all had wonderful starts to your new year!

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  1. I like goals they are definitely much easier than 'resolutions'. Plus you can create a goal in the middle of the year, that you cannot necessarily do with a resolution! Time frame is more flexible as well :)
    Good luck with your goals! Do you have anything to remind you on how to stay on track with them?